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Be it a small split air conditioning or ducted air conditioning system for your home, as well as package air conditioners, chilled water air conditioners or dehumidifiers for commercial needs you are looking for, our skilled air conditioning service will deliver the best service.

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“Hi Andrew,

Just a brief thanks for the small job done here this morning.

The guys were professional, efficient and very personable – I would have no problem in recommending them to anyone in need of your services. Indeed, they did nothing but somewhat restore my faltering faith in modern day tradesmen.


Chris S”


At Paull’s Air conditioning, we combine design excellence with practical efficiency. By careful structuring of the company, they have reduced overheads, and thus reduce costs. For our clients this means first class service, high quality product delivered on time and at a good price.


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We are a company able to cater for all your air conditioning requirements.


Our qualified professionals can provide experience-based solutions for design, air conditioning installation and deliver quick, reliable air conditioning service to you.



So if you need a multizone air conditioning system, variable air volume system or building control management system, you are certainly in the right place.


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From The Blog:

Possible locations of component failure in the standard air conditioning system.

In this blog I will describe the different parts of air conditioners that can cease to work and possibly sabotage the functionality of the entire system. When you read this article, think of it as a brief list of items that could possibly fail.

 Apr 10, 2013  

One expencive service call


The below article outlines what can sometimes happen when things get too technical for the people who use them. Paull’s Air conditioning offer all our customers preserver checking of their air conditioning system to try and minimize these undue expenses.

 Feb 6, 2013